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Are you ready to take control of your fitness and eating habits?

So many of us by nature are givers, and are much more focused on taking care of everyone else.  That often means our own health and well-being suffers to a small or, occasionally, large degree.    We make sure everyone else in the family is fed and taken care of, we make sure our animals are fed and medicated and sheltered, and we make sure that our farms and gardens are taken care of.  We make our lives such that we put ourselves at the bottom of the To Do list.  When you are young(er), it’s easy to feel like it’s ok to not do those things for yourself, because you still have youth on your side.  As you get older, little injuries become bigger nagging ones, and bigger injuries are more likely to happen just in the course of your daily activities.  Why?  Because as you age, you naturally lose muscle mass, you become less flexible, your metabolism changes, and if you just let those things happen however they want, it seems to get exponentially harder every  year, or 5,  to do the same things you used to do, as easily.

You deserve to be healthier and fitter!

It doesn’t have to be that way!  It IS possible to make time for yourself, to move more effectively, be stronger, and to eat healthier when it comes to what and how much.    The sooner you start incorporating structured fitness routines, and healthy eating, into your life, the more easily you will go through the decades to come doing the things you love to do. You deserve to do all those things for as long as you want, not having to scale back before your time because your body isn’t up to the task.  Your family and your animals and your other enjoyments deserve to have you around for a long time!

Whether you ride horses, drive horses, work on your farm or in your garden, have energetic dogs, or just want to be fit (or fitter), there are many aspects of fitness which need to be addressed to produce a well-rounded athlete that you want to become.  This means working on strength, flexibility, and cardio, so you develop strong and supple muscles, strong heart and lungs, and the basis of everything you do, a very strong core.

You can focus on 1 or more aspects to best suit your particular lifestyle (and that focus can change down the road), and still incorporate all of them for the best results.  Joining one of my Boot Camps provides you a starting place for all that, or a rejuvenating platform if you’ve already been involved in some form of fitness, using the following formula:


Invest in your health and fitness. Your future self will thank you



one woman exercising fitness workout push ups in silhouette on white background

We will work together to look at your current level of fitness and health, to look at your ultimate goal, and lay out a plan that will be very achievable, but still challenging.  With a large variety of fitness packages available, there is something to suit every need and goal.   You can do the workouts in the comfort of your own home, on your own schedule.   Equipment requirements range from nothing, to relatively little



A nutrition guide is provided with each program, and are there to help you eat better to help reach your goals.    To help you along, each Boot Camp Package comes with a 30 day supply of an incredibly nutrient-dense smoothie made with real food and enzymes.  Full of superfoods, rich in anti-oxidants, with no artificial-anything, and sourced from all over the world to get the best of the best, this helps fill in gaps that are often present when eating many of our foods grown in nutrient-depleted soils.


Actually you can

Included in each Boot Camp is individual support from me, your personal coach/accountability partner.  I have been through a great many of these programs, and have been active in fitness for 25 years.  I can provide answers to questions you have, and when I don’t know the answer, I will help you find them.  Your Boot Camp peers will be in the same position as you, starting out or seeking improvement.  They also act as your cheerleaders and support group.  All this is within the privacy of a group of Boot Campers just like you.

possible-953169_1280Fitness.  Nutrition. Support.    The combination is unbeatable when combined with your reason for being here.   You can choose to increase your muscle mass, or lose weight, or simply do your normal activities better and faster.  Or, all of the above!  There’s something for everyone.



By filling out the form below, you are staking your claim for your own health and fitness.  You are taking charge of how your future turns out.  You are deciding to change your life, and to live your change.  Spaces are limited in order for everyone to have the individual attention they deserve.  Missing the deadline to sign up does not mean you are out for good, it just means you will be put on the waiting list for the next month’s Boot Camp.

Boot Camp Package pricing starts at just $140.

Some packages on say may start at $120.

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