10 ways to find time for exercise

The time is ALWAYS there. You’re spending 24 hours a day doing something (and hopefully sleeping enough of those hours).  The goal is to figure out what you’re doing for those ...

16 Eating Habits of Fit People. And a bonus.

You admire the well-conditioned physique in the gym or on the beach, and you think “if only I had that much time to work out, if only I had that ...

Jordana’s Fitness and Nutrition Boot Camp

Are you ready to take control of your health and fitness? Your future self will thank you.

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The weekend is not for undoing the week

You did your job, you ate healthy food all during the week, you oggled that greasy fried chicken sandwich your co-worker was having while you dutifully crunched your way through your grilled chicken salad with exactly 4 croutons and 1tsp shredded cheese, and no dressing.  You were counting down the hours until Friday after work. […]

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Is Calorie Counting for You?

Calorie counting.  Macro ratios.   Portion Control.  Calorie cycling.  Does it ever seem like there are both too many ways to eat, and also never quite the right one for you? There are definitely many ways to eat food in a healthy way.  The more precise you need the outcome to be, the more precise your method […]

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5 of the best reasons to lose weight

You might even start to love kale! Most of what you hear in terms of the best reasons to lose weight is centered about “get your bikini-ready body!” or “fit back into your wedding dress!” or any number of other enticing sayings to get you to think the only value of weight loss is how you look […]

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Just Pick a Starting Point

Are you stuck behind the starting line? Have you even found your starting point?  Do you get frustrated because you don’t know how a book ends, when you haven’t even picked it up to start reading it?  Have you said “I’ll start that book when I have more time”? What about that butterfly or vegetable garden […]

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Stress, Sleep, Food, Exercise: My Recent Relationship with All of Them

I have owned 1 or more horses for 26 years.  I started with 1, bought a weanling (who is now 17), lost my original horse, bought an OTTB mare, inherited one, bred my mare, and have her son, so I’m at 4 now.  In all those years 1 horse in particular, the 17yo, has run […]

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How Does a Pumpkin Give you Better Hair?

Pumpkins are everywhere right now, so let’s take advantage of them! Like it or not, pumpkin season is upon us. Pumpkin recipes know no boundaries – breads, teas, coffees, lattes, chai, cake, pie, candles, and the list goes on and on and on. I just don’t get the fascination. What’s wrong with apple season? Or […]

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My Motivation Up and Left

Actually, your motivation is right where you left it – right where you lost your focus, your Why. You have plenty of motivation to: eat: if you don’t, you’ll die to take a shower: if you don’t, you’ll smell to brush your teeth: if you don’t, your teeth will fall out Your desire, your Why, […]

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Water Water Everywhere

Water water everywhere, yet, you’re not drinking it.   Why?  Water is vital to your health, your mental clarity, your physical energy, and your very life.  But, 75% of the US population is in a chronically dehydrated state. Think about that.  The very element of which most of our body is made, we are lacking: […]

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