Water water everywhere, yet, you’re not drinking it.

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Why?  Water is vital to your health, your mental clarity, your physical energy, and your very life.  But, 75% of the US population is in a chronically dehydrated state.

Think about that.  The very element of which most of our body is made, we are lacking:


  • 60% of your body is water- but it doesn’t have enough.
  • 75% of your muscles are water – but they don’t have enough.
  • 85% of your brain is water – but it doesn’t have enough.


Are you tired all the time?  Do you joints ache?  Are you gaining weight?  Do you have frequent headaches? Do you have ulcers or high blood pressure? Dehydration may be to blame. It’s easy enough, and usually makes for pretty quick results (days as opposed to weeks/months) to see if drinking more water improves your energy level.

In general, we should be drinking half our body weight (in pounds) of water in ounces.  That means if you weight 120lb, you should be drinking *minimally* 60oz of water.  And that’s really just to live well.  That goes up if you exercise at all.  And if you lead an active lifestyle in general, and/or it’s hot outside,  and/or you work out, or you’re nursing, or you’re a child, you could well need a lot more than that.

In one study, “Mild dehydration affects mood in healthy young women.”, a water loss after exercise of 1.36% of women’s body weight resulted in impaired mood and concentration, and increased the occurrence of headaches. That doesn’t even take into account the loss of physical performance and endurance.

If you’re someone who doesn’t have good tasting water out of your tap, you can use a filtered water jug to keep in your fridge, or a filtered water bottle for on the go, or you can make your own flavor-infused water to suit your mood, all to get a better taste and to encourage more water intake.

Here is one of my favorite sites for homemade flavored waters – they are specifically electrolyte drinks, but you can use the recipes without the electrolytes, just the fruits, to make just regular flavored water. You can infuse anything you like – fruits, herbs, spices. Have fun with it!
Mommypotamus Electrolyte Recipes

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