You say you don’t have time to work out.

Or eat well.

Everyone has 24 hours in a day. Some of how you spend that is dictated by what it takes to earn a living. For most people, that leaves a lot of time to do the things you love – ride your horse, play with your dog, dig in your garden.

Do you love your body enough to find the time for it?No time

You find time to do things that have an instant gratification – a ride, a walk with the dog, going to a restaurant and having someone serve you food. That’s great.  Honest. Those are enjoyable things.

But how much time are you spending on things that don’t benefit you? How much time have you spend “gossiping” on Facebook today? This week? Have you scrolled through Instagram and Twitter for an hour today, doing nothing but entertaining yourself or re-tweeting things that won’t matter tomorrow?

What time are you carving out for yourself? You matter tomorrow. You matter a great deal. The time you take for yourself today will make for a better You tomorrow.

Watching that funny cat video today will give you a laugh for 30 seconds. What are you going to do to make a healthier you for the next 5, 10, 30, 50 years?


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